Aussie Grit Flint Shorts

aussie grit apparel flint shortsjpg

I have a lovely wife, ever discerning and helpful. I “look like an Elf” when I wear Lycra shorts, apparently. A comment from which I may never fully recover but a fair one considering how my legs look like knotty string. I’m thankful though, it came from her before it could be shouted from the […]

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Living with Hope – Part 2 of the Tripster ATR V2 Review

Hope jockey wheels on Sram Rival

Barnoldswick is a small Lancashire town, though I’d bet the townsfolk prefer to identify as being Yorkshiremen and women, the town was, in fact, in the West Riding until 1974. Despite a small population Barnoldswick carries the torch of a great Northern manufacturing tradition, being home to some big hitters including Rolls Royce, Silentnight Beds […]

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Kinesis Tripster ATR V2 Review. Part 1

A new bike, a custom build, 2500km of mostly winter riding, on and off road, its time to start telling the story of how I’m getting along with it in my Kinesis Tripster ATR V2 Review. PART 1 One Bike to do it all? Some people dismiss as ridiculous the phrase ‘one bike does it […]

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