Living with Hope – Part 2 of the Tripster ATR V2 Review

Hope jockey wheels on Sram Rival

Barnoldswick is a small Lancashire town, though I’d bet the townsfolk prefer to identify as being Yorkshiremen and women, the town was, in fact, in the West Riding until 1974.

Despite a small population Barnoldswick carries the torch of a great Northern manufacturing tradition, being home to some big hitters including Rolls Royce, Silentnight Beds and Esse Stoves.

However, as a cyclist and this being a cycling blog, it’s more important to know Barnoldswick as the home of Hope Technologies, legendary makers of bike components. It’s a rare thing these days to find a British company that not only designs but also manufactures in-house but that’s exactly what happens at Hope Tech.

On their website they state with classic Northern directness:

Our ethos is simple…We make high quality products,no sales waffle. Let the products do the talking.

I love that!

My Tripster ATR V2 is proudly wearing a pair of Hope 20Five wheels which have indeed spoken. “Nothing will mess with us!”  They are totally solid. Nice modest graphics too. I am impressed.

Tripster ATR with Hope 20Five wheels The loud freewheel buzz of the Pro 4 hub announces, in a firm but polite way, one’s arrival behind other people. It certainly beats having to ring a bell or shout, both of which cause some people to bristle with annoyance.

From new, the dishing of the rear wheel was off centre in the frame. A single visit to Otec bikes sorted it out and all alignment has stayed bang on ever since.

Hope 20Five Wheels

So has the front wheel. Outstanding I think considering the pounding they’ve taken over the last couple of thousand km. The replaceable cartridge bearings on the front have just been replaced and the rear will need doing soon but I think that is fine considering the amount of mud and water they’ve been subjected to. It is routine and expected maintenance.

Hope 20Five front hub 2

The latest Hope component to appear on my Tripster ATR is a fine looking set of jockey wheels.

Tripster ATR with Hope 20Five wheels

My Sram Rival derailleur came with plastic jockey wheels, fine until 1000km or so of mud and water destroyed them. The flimsy seals had worn away completely so the bearings had to be lubricated before and after every ride.

I don’t expect the Hope jockey wheels to be maintenance free for ever but perhaps they’ll last longer. Made of aluminium they have a more sophisticated seal and the stainless steel bearings are replaceable. So, let’s live in hope with Hope.

I’ll keep you posted.

UPDATE 28/5/2019:

The Hope jockey wheels have been in use for the best part of a year now. Despite being subjected to similarly harsh conditions as the Sram originals they have fared much better and are showing no obvious signs of wear. The bearings still run as smoothly as they did when I put the jockey wheels on the bike. Good stuff!

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