Kinesis Tripster ATR V2 Review. Part 1

A new bike, a custom build, 2500km of mostly winter riding, on and off road, its time to start telling the story of how I’m getting along with it in my Kinesis Tripster ATR V2 Review. PART 1 One Bike to do it all? Some people dismiss as ridiculous the phrase ‘one bike does it […]

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Less Is More: Why I took the decals off my bike

tripster atr frame

‘Less is More’ a phrase used often in modern times to describe a minimalist aesthetic and certainly one that I ¬†would look for and appreciate in the design of a bike. Another phrase I like, that goes hand in hand, is ¬†‘Form Follows Function’. For instance, the seat stays on the Tripster ATR are a […]

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Pamper Your Bike with Wipes

pamper your bike featured image

Pamper your bike, it deserves a regular gentle and thorough clean of all those delicate and hard to reach areas. Show it some love by cleaning it up with baby wipes. And…for sore bottoms? I’m not looking to plug Pampers baby wipes for their original intended purpose here, just the opposite in fact. Let me […]

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Helmets, to wear them or not.

wearing a cycling helmet

Helmets, to wear them or not. This was going to be a serious and high-minded post looking at the arguments on both sides of that particularly hot potato. But, do you know, I just can’t be arsed! I grew up in halcyon times. Being outside unsupervised was still allowed and the bicycle was the winged […]

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