Farewell to the old – Hello New Shimano XTR pedals

shimano xtr featured image

A tremendously annoying click, click has been emanating from somewhere around my feet recently. It has been driving me nuts. The noise only appears when I’m pedalling and stops if I just pedal lightly. I was suspecting the bottom bracket to be the culprit until someone suggested the pedals. As the bottom bracket is new and the pedals old,  it seemed prudent to blame them. A tiny bit of play was evident in the bearings too. So, out with the old and in with some new Shimano XTR pedals.

Farewell to the old

It would be rude to cast aside my old Shimano PD M520 pedals without giving praise to the venerable service they’ve given me. It would certainly be interesting to know how many revolutions they’ve done, attached to three bikes over a period of around 7 years, I’d bet it’s millions.Shimano PD M520

Often caked with mud or dust, always easy to clip in and out, spinning smoothly on their bearings, they’ve just always got on with their unglamorous job. It’s truly a compliment to them that I’ve never really noticed them until they are, finally, starting to fail. I’ve not consigned them to the bin yet. They are lying in state.

Hello Shimano XTR

Seeing how my old pedals served so well, it was my intention to replace with more of the same. Until, that is, Lee at Otec Bikes suggested a pedal with a larger platform might better suit my riding habits. Well, good enough excuse to purchase something new and shiny then! Hello to a pair of Shimano XTR pedals.


Straight out of the box these pedals look very nice.

shimano xtr featured image


What concerns me a little is how quickly that black anodising is going to look a shambles. I suspect that over the longer term bare metal would fare better aesthetically. Time will tell. It may end up a candidate for dipping in Caustic Soda. Bare metal is a bit of a thing with me, in case you hadn’t noticed!

More importantly, in the short term, I’m looking forward to trying out the pedals to see if the larger platform makes any noticeable difference to my riding. Perhaps they will stop me from curling my toes inside my shoe too, an annoying habit on longer rides. The larger platform should make a nice target for a foot when you’ve ground to a halt on a slippy ascent and are trying to get going again. If the cleat doesn’t go in immediately there is at least a better chance of your foot staying on the pedal. I’ll be finding out soon.

Tomorrow will be my first opportunity to try them out on a decent spin. It’s my last chance to get in a long ride before heading up to my home county next weekend to ride in the Yorkshire True Grit. An event that promises to be a reet proper test of my ability to hang on to a clattering bike and a great outing for some new pedals too. I’m really looking forward to it.

Most of all though, at over four times the price, I’m interested to see if they can perform as well as my old Shimano SPD pedals over time. Time will tell. They’ve certainly got a lot to live up to!